Using an Event Platform Powered by Technology

In a highly modernised world like ours, you should turn to technology if you’re looking for a reliable event platform. There are different event management technologies at your disposal and it’s simply a matter of looking for a solution that best fits your budget and needs. As an example, you may employ an event management software.

We get how stressful organising an event is. Every new event has its own nuances that may require you to exert more effort no matter how seasoned you are as an event organiser. Given that there are so many processes related to event planning, this is where the role of the event management tech industry comes in.

If you have noticed, there are so many work processes that are already automated today. As an event organiser, it’s about time that you catch up with current trends. It’s high time for you to look for an event management solution that is powered by technology! Read ahead if you want to know more about the event registration software.

Global Event Platform – Trends Worldwide

A simple search in Google may lead you to different vendors of global event platform products. Take note that this type of technology is breaking ground in various corners of the world today. Try to look for reviews of specific web-based software through websites like Capterra or AlternativeTo. You will see testimonials of event organisers coming from different corners of the globe – Europe, the United States, Asia, and Australia. This is the reason why most event technology vendors have optimised their solutions in different languages. The main takeaway you can get from the trend is this: if you are a serious event organiser or if you are running an event agency, you would not want to be shunned off by competition because you have not updated your event platform yet. You may even use mobile technologies for your event such as an event app.

Converged Event Management Platform

A converged event management platform is your best choice if you’re turning to the power of technology. It is “converged” in a sense that most web-based event management solutions are all-inclusive. This means that different applications are criss-crossed into one event management software to make your life easier. Technically, an event management software is the generic term for a wide range of software products aimed to help professionals like you manage conferences, exhibitions, and other types of events. There are various applications that you may use in an event platform such as the following:

1.) Event Website

An event website is a dedicated website to lure target audiences and let them know what your event is about. It may also include the online registration and payment platform for visitors to sign up for your event. It is important that you look for a software that allows easy customisation of your event landing page. Some vendors would allow you to optimise your own site – even if you don’t have coding skills – through easy-to-use modules and templates.

2.) Customer Relationship Management

This is an important aspect in an event platform – especially for organisers who handle multiple events in a year. This essentially relates to data management of past, current and future attendees. Through an event management software, you may easily engage your attendees, send them customised emails, and store their user preferences for future use. Through this, you may build stronger connections and prod customers to come back to your next event.

3.) Project Management

Working with your team is one of the most challenging aspects in terms of event management. An integrated project management tool can do wonders to the organisation process among your different committees. Look for a software that can be used by all members of your team. You would be able to view data from one place as well as finalise event details like speakers, awards, floor management, etc. Project management can easily be done using a reliable event management software.

4.) Budget Management

The way you handle your resources as an event organiser is also vital to generate profits and return of investments. As such, one function that you may find in an event platform is the ability to track your expenses and sales. Some software would specifically alert you if you are overspending or underspending based on projected figures. Team members can simply use the software and input numbers based on their spending.

The Power of a Mobile Event Platform

With the rise of social media and better accessibility to mobile internet, various applications are optimised for the mobile platform today – including event management technology. As an event organiser, you have two mobile applications to look out for: the delegate event app and the check-in app. The delegate event app is practically an event platform application that your delegates can download to their smartphones or tablets. Through this app, they will have access to event information and announcements. They will also be able to network with other attendees through communities and matchmaking sessions. On the other hand, the check-in app is used by event organisers to allow faster entry of attendees to the venue on the big day. It can be used to register and check in guests on the fly. Research well to find an event management software that allows you to tap the full potential of the mobile event platform.

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