Advantages of an Event Ticketing Platform

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One of the specialised applications that you may enjoy through an event management software is the event ticketing platform. It’s basically related to the registration and payment system of your event. For free events, ticketing is not really necessary. For paid events like concerts, however, a ticketing platform facilitates faster sales. Here are some advantages of an automated ticketing system such as an event registration software:

Advantages of an Event Ticketing Platform 1

1.) Your attendees can register and pay online

Today, attendees can easily confirm their attendance through an event website. As long as they are connected to the internet and are directed to your registration website, they simply have to fill out some text fields to register and buy tickets appropriate to their budget. If your event ticketing platform also stores data from previous event or is integrated to social media, it’s even more convenient since they will only have to log in to your system before paying.  Since there are various online payment systems available, such as PayPal and Stripe, they don’t even have to take out their credit cards to pay. This takes no time at all and can be done in a few minutes.

2.) QR codes can be assigned to each ticket for faster check-in

A good event management system also employs QR codes in purchased tickets. This QR code is unique for each attendee. After they have already paid for their tickets, they will be sent a copy to their emails or they can download them straight from the website. They will have the option to bring digital or printed copies.

On the day of your event, your attendees can simply present their tickets to your staff who oversee the check in process. Through a check-in app, your staff can scan tickets through their devices’ camera. May it be a smartphone or a tablet, a mobile device can act as a scanner letting you forego the need to buy separate scanners just to read bar codes. This does not only let you save money, it also makes the check-in process very convenient. Using a reliable check-in app, attendees can be checked in as fast as two seconds!

3.) You can easily apply promo codes to online payments

An event ticketing platform will also allow you to set promotional codes for discounts. For example, specific codes can be distributed to previous attendees – letting them get tickets to your new event at a cheaper price. Your attendees will simply have to apply the code at the check-out page to mark down the regular price.

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