How to Be Better Than Your Competition in the Events Industry

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It can’t be avoided that you may have competition within the events industry. If the events you are currently hosting are part of a certain niche or business, then it’s probable that other event agencies or professionals are running the same activities as you. Competition, however, is not always bad. It can be a means for professionals to step up their game and hone a competitive edge. If you are wondering how to improve your events amidst competition, here are three simple tips:

  1. Focus on the experience of your attendees.

In 2016, the events industry has further diverged from content-based events. Professionals have realised that the experience of attendees is what matters most. This trend is something that you can take full advantage of, especially if your competition has not been implementing this approach yet. The gist of this type of event management is to focus on the experience of attendees and to let them participate in various activities. Inviting over esteemed speakers and building on a powerful theme is no longer enough – attendees need to be engaged!

  1. Use different types of event technologies.

Another concept that may give you edge over your competition is the use of different types of technologies. Technology has revolutionised the way events are being planned. There are now all sorts of tools that are designed to improve the overall event planning process as well as the experience of attendees. For example, there’s gamification, virtual reality, RFID-based technologies, check-in kiosks, and mobile event applications among many others. If you employ any of these technologies, it gives off a good impression to your attendees. It means that you are aware of the merits of technology and that you can keep up with the latest trends.

  1. Conduct an evaluation process for your events.

One of the best practices of event professionals is conducting an evaluation process at the end of every event. There is no way for you to learn from your mistakes if you are not even aware of them as an event organiser. Through a detailed evaluation process, you will know which aspects of the event you can improve. A good way to evaluate yourself is by asking for feedback straight from the attendees themselves. You may distribute post-event surveys to attendees via email. To encourage them to give constructive feedback, you may offer incentives so that they would not ignore your request for evaluation. Sending emails to your attendee database can be done easily using an event software.

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